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Socialite Stash Tray Review

Socialite Stash Tray Review

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Thanks so much for the box Mike. The quality of the work is awesome, looks great. I can keep it on my night table in the bedroom with no worries...thanks again, I really appreciate it!

Keith R.

Thanks again for the beautiful stash box. The craftsmanship is top notch. The way the colour makes the wood grain pop is great. The attention to the final finish to give each box it's own individual character is a great personal touch.

Sean W.

I love it so much! It sits proudly in my  living room next to my VapeXhale and I could not be more pleased!

Ashley M.

I am absolutely amazed by this work of art. Pictures do not do this baby justice. Hand crafted and hand painted by Diskreshen. It even came with a little certificate of ownership along with a LIFETIME warranty.

This box is so beautiful I don't even want to use it. Thank you so so sooo much Diskreshen! You all MUST check him out and get your very own heady stash box.

Violett H.

Honestly dude it's amazing!! Been using it on the show too!!!


Thank you so much again! In love with my gorgeous multi-use stash box! It's absolutely beautiful Mike! Very happy with it. It's a lot heavier than expected! Very cool with the jars and stickers. I love that!

Taylor W.

My personalized socialite tray from Diskreshen is so perfect! Diskreshen brought my dreams to life and designed a tray that fits my particular pieces and needs...I'm gonna be using it forever!

Nick B.