Diskreshen is a wood and design shop located next to the Rocky Mountains in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. Employing time honored traditions and craftsmanship, we take great pride in creating handmade functional art pieces for discerning consumers.

Each Diskreshen product is handmade to order in our Okotoks workshop. Nothing is outsourced overseas or made by a third party. A skilled craftsman creates each piece utilizing tried and true techniques and methods that have been used successfully by woodworkers for decades. It is because of this practice that we feel confident in offering a lifetime warranty against construction defects.

Diskreshen is unique in that each customer receives much more than just a product. They receive an experience to go along with that product. We pride ourselves in offering world class personalized customer service and a feature unique to the hand-crafted industry – our Virtual Workshop Visit.

Upon placing your order, you are promptly contacted with details on when your commission will begin. Once we begin your piece, you can expect to receive daily emails with pictures and commentary on your build so that you see it come to life before your eyes.

In a world of factory production, uniformity and instant gratification, Diskreshen diverges from the norm by offering quality before quantity, individuality over conformity and passion above all.

Each heirloom piece starts with a cut of wood, hand selected for greatest visual impact, worked into shape by a craftsman, guided by centuries of tradition.

Built for you.

Mike T.