How to shop for a stash box

April 09, 2018

How to shop for a stash box

As anyone who has ever smoked cannabis before knows, it’s a messy business and there can be a lot of accessories involved. You’ve got pipes, rolling papers, matches, lighters, vaporizers, bongs and the list goes on. And that’s all on top of the cannabis itself.

So where do you keep all this stuff? For many years, users have had to adapt to what was on hand. Tupperware, shoe boxes, baggies, lunch boxes…you get the picture. Until recently, there really hasn’t been a purpose-built storage solution for cannabis and accessories.

Enter the stash box. A stash box is simply a purpose-built container that allows you to store your cannabis and supplies all in one convenient location. What a novel idea!

But do you really need a stash box? Only you can answer that one. It really depends on how organized you want to make your life and how much of a concern odour and cleanliness are to your home. If you like to have everything in its place, then a stash box is the way to go.

So, once you’ve established that having a stash box is a good idea for you, where do you start and what do you look for? What makes a good stash box?

The main question you should ask yourself is “Is it functional for my lifestyle”? There’s no use having the fanciest, gadget filled box known to man if it doesn’t work for you. If the box includes compartments and tools for dabbing and you don’t dab, the box isn’t very useful. If it has lots of compartments and spots to put things but they don’t fit your accessories, again it’s not very useful. Carefully examine how you regularly consume and then determine, based on that and the accessories you have, whether the stash box is going to meet those demands.

Other things to look for in a stash box include:

Does it seal odour in/keep smells out? We all know how strong a smell cannabis emits. If you like that smell and aren’t worried about your environment, move on to the next point. However, if you need to keep your surrounding air clean, make sure that the box is going to trap all those smells inside.

What material is it made of? This is important for two reasons. Firstly, you want to ensure that your stash box is going to be sturdy enough to withstand constant use. Flimsy plywood and plastic may not be able to put up with the use they will receive on a constant basis.

Secondly, cannabis can be sensitive to surrounding elements. Plywood, MDF and particle board are all made with a lot of glue (almost always containing formaldehyde) and off gassing can be a concern when you’re storing cannabis inside a box made of these materials. Some people have indicated that storing their cannabis in plywood containers has had adverse effects on it’s characteristics (ie. smell, taste).

Finally, is the stash box available in a colour/wood/size to fit your lifestyle? Everybody has a sense of style and taste and what works for one isn’t going to work for all. Do you care that your stash box has a big marijuana leaf on the lid or were you looking for something a little lower key? You must look at and use your stash box everyday so make sure it’s something that brings a smile to your face.

Hopefully that has answered some of your questions about stash boxes. If you have any questions or concerns that I haven’t covered, I would love to hear from you.