Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my product?2019-02-18T09:12:56-06:00
  • Allow your Diskreshen product to cure for at least 21 days before heavy use or any cleaning.
  • Clean with a water damp rag, ensuring to always avoid furniture polishes, dusting sprays or soap oils. For tougher cleaning, try a drop of detergent or a bit of vinegar.
  • If you should spill liquids on it, wipe dry as soon as possible with a dry, non-abrasive rag or paper towel.
  • Avoid exposing your Diskreshen solid wood products to extremes in temperature or humidity as this may cause the wood to warp and/or shrink/swell. Diskreshen solid wood products are not meant to be kept outdoors.
  • The lid on your box is purposely built a bit loose. This is to accommodate changes in humidity and thus prevent problems if there is shrinking and/or swelling of the wood.
What is your shipping policy?2019-02-18T09:09:56-06:00

All orders are shipped by Canada Post from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

All orders are processed at our Etsy store and shipping prices are based on the weight of the product and average shipping rates per destination country.

Our products are made from solid hardwood and as such, are quite heavy and cost a bit more to ship. As an example, shipping charges for a Metropolitan Box are $30 in Canada and $35 to the USA (all prices in CAD).

Why does the box I received look different from the one I viewed online?2019-01-10T16:30:51-06:00

Each Diskreshen product is made entirely from hardwood, and as no two pieces of wood are ever the same, there will naturally be variation in each box or tray. The piece you receive truly is one of a kind.

No veneers, plywood or particle board are used in the construction of any of our products. As such, you may find that your wooden product changes slightly over time. Extended periods of sunlight may lighten or darken the finish and sudden swings in humidity may cause parts of it to shrink or swell. No need to worry as this is all normal and natural for real wood products.

Do you do custom builds or different sizes?2019-01-10T16:44:19-06:00

Yes, we do! If you see a product you like but want a different color or wood species than what is offered, send me a message and I can probably make it happen. The rolling tray lid is only available on the Metropolitan Box but if you want a different sized box, I can build it for you, just without the rolling tray lid.

Are Diskreshen products available in any stores?2019-01-10T16:27:16-06:00

No, because of the highly customized nature of our products, we do not stock them in any stores. The only place you can purchase a genuine Diskreshen product is right here!

Do you offer wholesale pricing?2019-01-10T16:28:45-06:00

No, we do not offer wholesale pricing on any of our products. Due to the personalized nature of our products, a wholesale/retail model does not work for us.

I just ordered a product. How long does it take to receive it?2019-01-10T16:05:00-06:00

All our products are made to order so once we receive your order, we will start the creation! A Metropolitan Box generally takes about 8 days from start to finish but we will stay in touch with you throughout the entire process so you can see the progress.