Metropolitan Box

  • The Metropolitan Stash Box is a luxurious addition to any cannabis consumers 'must have' accessories. Hand made utilizing time honored traditions and craftsmanship like solid hardwood construction and strong finger joint joinery, these stash boxes will make every session an enjoyable one.

    Each Metropolitan Box comes with 4 strain jars and 8 strain labels. You also get our No-Nonsense Return Policy and Lifetime Breakage Guarantee.

    We also offer monogramming and engraving services. If you would like more information, please contact us before ordering.

Metropolitan Stash Box features

Practical Storage

With a compartment to hold up to 4 of your favorite strains and a second, larger compartment to hold all your accessories, whatever they may be, you'll always have everything close at hand.

maple cannabis stash box

Odor Management

With our sealed glass jars and tight fitting double duty rolling tray lid, you can keep your box in plain sight without the telltale aroma giving away the contents inside.

Built-In Rolling Tray

Contain the strain with the built-in rolling tray. Flip over the solid hardwood lid and you’ve instantly got a place to roll your joint, pack your pipe or load your vaporizer.

maple cannabis rolling tray

Made In Canada

Constructed using time honored traditional craftsmanship, like ultra-strong finger joint corners and solid hardwood throughout, your handmade Metropolitan Stash Box will last as long as you do.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Metropolitan Stash Box is guaranteed for life. If your stash box should ever break or become unusable due to a construction defect, we will replace it, no questions asked.

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