Socialite Tray

Inside, outside, living room, bedroom, kitchen...the Socialite Stash Tray is meant to go where you go. The Socialite Stash Tray is the perfect companion for the cannabis consumer on the go or anyone that simply wants to keep everything organized and all in one place.

The large 100% solid hardwood tray is built to hold everything you will need for an uplifting session, wherever that may take you. It's also the only fully customizable cannabis tray of its kind. Choose your color, handles, wood and best of all, the interior layout. Add a spot for your bong, another for your grinder, a smaller section for rolling get the idea.

Pricing includes all customization for an oak tray and 2 handles. The standard size of this tray is approx. 11"x 17" but you are free to change this size to suit your needs.Once purchased, I will contact you and we will work through the product design together. If you have any questions before purchase or would like to choose a different wood, do not hesitate to contact me.

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